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What is HHC hash?

HHC Hash are industrial hemp flowers, with HHC.

The creators of HHC have taken the classic cannabis experience to a new dimension by introducing HHC, a legal cannabinoid that offers benefits. With HHC Hashish you can enjoy the highest quality hash anytime, anywhere.

There are two different types of cannabis. Hemp is one thing and marijuana is another. Marijuana contains a compound called Delta 9, but hemp does not.

How to store HHC hash?

HHC hash should be stored dry and protected as recommended by the packaging. The best form of storage is in opaque and airtight packaging - do not expose to light or moisture. The ideal temperature is between 33-50 degrees Celsius.

Is HHC detectable?

That's a great question. HHC is usually undetectable in tests, so the answer is no!